Friday, February 20, 2009

Before And After

This was taken last friday the one Hellebore plant with a white flower bud dangling over the birds water bowl. I kept going out to check if it has opened..

This was taken yesterday and the flower is revealed. The lovely white petals, lime green, and yellow centre. It is leading the charge of the Spring bulbs.
Crocuses have started to produce their flower buds, Black and orange rolled cigars! The Narcissus, Tulips, Snowdrops, Anemones, and Daffodils are all growing. The red tips of the Peony are visible in the photo above.
Buds are swelling on the Rose bushes, the Honeysuckle, Raspberry bush, and Blackberry. They have taken their cue from the Hellebore. It was introduced to Britain by the Romans, so for over 2000 years the flowers have greeted the new year, and made gardeners notice the slow changing of the seasons.

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Anonymous said...

Hi there David. It's so lovely to see the helebore in flower. I know you were anxious to see it flower last week. I hope you get to see the many bulbs flower before you move lol. Cat