Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Angelic Orchid

A quick post today.I have been working a lot of shifts so my gardening has been limited.The dark closes in early now and the sun comes up later.
I seem to be sleeping a lot too!I am planning on Sunday to carve out some Pumpkins to make Jack o lanterns for hallowen.
My favourite day in October, when the spirits are out, and that celtic myth says was the day when the earthly and spirit world were closest together.
Photographed is an angelic Orchid from the Autumn flower show.I love Orchids but cannot get mine to flower.I have had two succumb (Jewel Orchid, and the Chinese ground Orchid), and my Phalaenopsis just grows new leaves but no flower spike...
I have two Amaryllis growing in the front window so hopefully they may flower for me.
One more day of work for me before a lovely ten days off to relax, and get some gardening done!

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CanadianGardenJoy said...

I found out that I am not an orchid person when two of them died in my care .. I felt awful .. but that is the way it is ? LOL
I absolutely love Halloween for that enveloping mystery of what really happens to us ? Celtic blood takes over that day/night : )