Thursday, October 30, 2008


A photo from Hil's house from the other night.A Hedgehog snuffling amongst the garden plants and mushrooms.
I hope one day to attract them to my garden using bowls of milk and plates of dog food.Mrs Tiggywinkle has probably gone to find some comfy dry leaves to fall asleep under, to dream through the winter of the warmth of spring.
It has been cold, and wet, and the temperature has been in single figures.Its felt freezing although it has not been below zero for many nights.
Hedgehogs are such amiable garden spirits, and they eat slugs and snails for gardeners.
Its Halloween tomorrow..

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Anonymous said...

I loved that Beatrix Potter story so much when I was a little kid that when I grew up I got a little terrier mix dog which was named - what else? - Mrs. Tiggywinkle! I liked your phrase "amiable garden spirits" - it makes me want to get a hedgehog (which we don't have here in Canada, unfortunately)