Thursday, October 02, 2008


My motif flower is the gorgeous Astrantia Major that adorn the top of the blog.These four flowers are the second blooms from my planted perennial root.
It means I hope they should come back more vigerous next year. The rain has down beaten the flowers but i lifted them up to photograph them today.
A strange weather day, alternating between sunshine and torrential rain. Sometimes only five minutes apart!
I'm waiting for the trees on the way to work to change their leaf colour. The Horse Chestnut trees have started to turn slightly yellow and brown, they are the trend setters!
Autumn is called Fall in the USA. They seem to have magnificent tree's throughout the states that blaze with glory in the autumn.
I know New England is famed for its Fall colours, but other states have gems as well. Anywhere that has masses of trees in a natural environment. Msn did a thing with 19 places to see spectacular fall colour.
Whats your favourite Autumn/Fall place to visit for trees changing colour with their leafs fireworks?

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Barbarapc said...

Vermont - just gorgeous - locals are warned to stay off the roads away from the pre-occupied leaf peepers. The Laurentians or Eastern Townships in Quebec. Muskoka in Ontario & infact where I live in Oakville - also great. Basically - the further north you go - the stronger the mix of evergreen with colourful deciduous trees.