Monday, October 06, 2008

Flower From Summer Past

I have saved this beautiful Dahlia photo for a cold Autumn day. When things are slowing down in the garden, and the nights are drawing in closer its good to look at some brightly coloured flowers to cheer us up.
I have found a love for Dahlias this year in the wanderful range of colours and shapes.
Even as Autumn wows us with the trees changing colours there is a sense of sadness at the summer passing away.
The days seem greyer, wetter, and windier. Maybe the lessening hours of daylight make the body and mind wish for summer.
The colours of the flowers we have photographed can fill our hearts with happy memories of the colours of summer just past.
I took the photo at the Autumn flower show in the Flower competition tent...


Una said...

Another gorgeous photo. We used to have dahlias just like that when I was a kid.

Gardenmomma Chris said...

It's breathtaking, Snappy! I just found your blog again after taking a hiatus from blogging. This dahlia takes the cake! I'll be back! Chris

David (Snappy) said...

Hi Lottie,I can only remember Dahlias from when I moved up here to Yorkshire.They are grown for competition at the flower shows, in the allotments by the old men, and in peoples gardens.The shape and colours are amazing.
Hi Chris,Im glad you found your way back.You will have an awful amount to read back.Something to do over cold winter days maybe :)