Friday, October 24, 2008

Spring Plans

Today is my first day off of ten days.The garden and allotment can be tidied up and made ready for spring.My camera batterys have totally flattened again.They are rechargeable but I think my camera and photography habits drains them quicker than most people.
I will plant my spring bulbs over the next ten days once I have cleared the dying back plants. The garden is looking barer by the day.
Tulips, Daffodils, and Hyacinths are all ready to be planted.Ones from this year that have been stored, and new ones I bought from the flower shows.
Still yet to flower are the Chrysanthenums that Hils bought me.They have spectacular crimson and white patterned flowers.Their are masses of buds so hopefully I wil have new camera batterys for when they burst into autumn flower.
The Hellebore Nigras are hidden under other plants but hopefully they will flower again.Christmas Roses.
The Viburnum Tinus looks nearly the same as when I moved in with masses of small fragrant white flowers, pink flower buds, and the blue berrys all on the same plant.It has grown huge again and needs trimming back.
The flower is the St Johns Wort which looks like a golden star, with fireworks exploding outwards from the centre of the flower.

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