Wednesday, October 29, 2008

First Frosts

A quick post on the go.It has been freezing over the past few days.I have been spending time away from the house and garden.
The first frosts of the year have blackened the plants in the garden.A few hardy plants are holding on in there.
This is the last Lady Emma Hamilton Rose of the year.All the remaining buds have died or wilted in the cold October air.
Its nearly Halloween..


Una said...

Yes, I still have a rose and quite a few other plants still flowering despite the very cold night we've just had.

Anonymous said...


Isn't it sad to see the last flowers go brown from the frost.

I miss the glorious red flowers on the fuchsia's (c-h-s Named after Mr. Fuchs, meaning fox, who first found them in South America).
I covered them the first night, but forgot the second night of even heavier frost, and they all turned a horrible brown.

Enjoy the last days of your break.