Saturday, October 25, 2008

Lilac Spirits

I waited two days to take the photo of the gorgeous pale lilac flowers of the Cape Primrose. It has flowered from a rosette of hairy leaves, almost like African Violets.
Hils originally gave me this plant, and this year I split the plant into two. Both rosettes are growing well in pots, and sitting in the front room.
The flowers have an ethereal beauty like lilac ghosts or spirits. I guess its nearly Halloween.
The insides of these spirits remind me of Cadburys cream eggs (chocolate eggs with sweet white and yellow cream inside when you bite into them).
I read today that a sunny September, and slight frost in October has made our native trees change colour at the same time as the exotics like the Japanese Maples.
Their is beauty all over the Uk wherever trees are growing. A daily changing canvas of natural beauty, for us all to behold and enjoy.

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Anonymous said...

Hey, Snappy,
What you have here is a Chirita, a relative of the Cape Primrose.
Happy New Year.
Carol from the US