Thursday, January 31, 2008

Winters Tale

It was foul outside today. Pouring rain, hailstones, and snow driven downwards and sidewards by the wind. I watched the hailstones ping off the fence and soil like pinball machines! The gusting Westerly wind blew upto 70 miles per hour. It is forecast for snow tomorrow when im at work and minus six degrees at night.
The diurnal mouse has removed all the seeds around the rose when i worked the two long days, and today was at the far end of the garden hiding behind the compost bin.
My biggest mystery is the Birds waterbowl under the Viburnum keeps getting emptied out. I fill it up to the brim, and when I check it is nearly empty and drained of water. There are no holes in the green bowl but something is either drinking it, or bathing in it!
The birds came back today despite the weather.
I hope at the weekend I can revamp the right border with a log roll. The new plan is to keep the pavers as they are, and used raised bag beds to grow the veg and potatoes.
The cabbage seeds are germinating in the cold frame despite the weather. The alpine strawberrys are growing slowly in the cold frame also.
I need the new borders ready by March. Most of my seeds are to be sown in March. I need to organise them into piles. Directly into the ground, and into seed trays. I have to stock up with three inch pots ready for my masses of plants to grow on.
Im writing brief notes in a Garden Journal to try and keep track of whats being planted when and where. I am in heaven with the amount of space in the kitchen to grow seeds in.
When the Weather drives you back into the house you begin to plan and dream of warmer days, and sunshine.


Silvia Hoefnagels . Salix Tree said...

Seems like my weather was much the same as yours, with hail and fierce winds all day.
Snow tommorro? brr!!
Love the helebore pics. Reminds me of a little film called "Sixes Last"
I'll see if I can get put on my blog, it's a neat little film about alien plants.

David (Snappy) said...

Hi Salix Tree,As I write this the wind i still blowing hard, making my letterbox slam shut and me jump!I saw snowflakes just, as i was stood at backdoor looking out.A live weather check.
I loved the Witchazel photos, wish I could smell it.That is one tree on my wishlist.I will check your blog then :)

Linda said...

Lovely bird photos. We are in the midst of a winter storm warning ... just snow and ice heading our way. I imagine the birds will all be hiding in the trees.

kate said...

Hi Snappy,

I like your mouse pics. It sounds as if you were being hit with nasty weather. I wonder if you have a dog visiting who is emptying the water. Just a thought.

I hope it warms up and doesn't snow too much.

Silvia said...

I love your blog, and your garden too.

Hugs from Italy... :-)