Friday, January 04, 2008

Snow Flake

The Viburnum Tinus with the First snow flakes of the new year.It fell and laid for a while then melted away. you can nearly see the Snow Flake shape on the right hand corner.
I love snow.I slept too much today.More garden posts when I wake up again.


Julie said...

This is a beautiful shot of snow on the viburnum! I love it! I would sleep alot too if it snowed where I live (I am in south Florida)! We are having a 2 days cold snap with low of 40 or so right now...not too bad, little Chihuahua is keeping me warm!

David (Snappy) said...

Hi Julie,Thanks for your comment.I want to go to Florida one day, and see the Everglades and the Ghost Orchids!I would not mind a Chihuahua either.Maybe I will google for a little dog later on!
Its mild today with no more snow.Its raining as I type!
I only slept because I di thre night shifts before.