Monday, January 28, 2008


The birds sat in the denuded Fir tree with blue skys above them. They have cute red and black faces with dark wings, with yellow wing bars.
It was a quiet day in the garden due to building work being directly behind the wild strip. I did however see a mouse stashing the ground feeders bird seed.
He was hiding beneath the pavers where the vegetable bag gardens are going to be.The mouse was busy carrying bird seed away.
I am going back to Harlow Carr after Paris in Febuary. I hope that the Harlow Carr gardens are bursting with Spring colour at the end of Febuary. They have four resident pigs now, after the Emmerdale pigs went back to TV work.
I will try not to take 300 photos like I have done every previous visit (three times last year).I get tempted when there is so many plants, tree's, flowers, sculptures, and water to look at.

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