Friday, January 25, 2008

Seed Sowing, On A Friday Night

The Wind was blowing hard again today. My fence rattled like it was going to blow down. My running repairs to the hole were blown into next doors garden.
I have just spent an hour turning the kitchen into a mini greenhouse. Seed trays and pots now fill the side by the window.
Evening Primrose, Poppy Bracteatum, Alternathera Purple Knight, Viola Midnight Runner, Agastache Lavender Haze, Heliotrope Marine Cherry Pie, and more pots of Genovese Basil, and Parsley were sown.
I need to invest in a couple of Grow Houses to house my many plants if they germinate and develop.
The Walton plant stall will get my excess so I have a reason (if i needed any) to grow millions of plants. It helps the community groups who benefit from the plant sales. It will be Hil's Tenth year running doing it. She liked the extra help me and Fran gave her last year.
I am working all weekend.
The pretty Hellebore Niger is photographed. I love the starry pollen grains. What a flower.It was worth waiting for!


Anonymous said...

You sound to be busy as usual David. I have lots of bulbs some to plant now but most for March. My seeds and potting compost are waiting for me, nights for two shifts and then my garden and seeds.

Angela Pratt said...

Your hellebore seems to be hanging in there during the storm(s). If it makes you feel any better, we have nothing but rain, rain, rain in northern California right now. We've also had some unbelievable windstorms that toppled giant trees.

Hey, have you gotten your blog listed on Stuart Robinson's Blotanical yet? I looked for it but couldn't find it.

David (Snappy) said...

Hi Lynn,Glad you found your way onto the blog for posting.I left you comments on yours.Seed and bulb sowing keeps me going through nights. Am on longdays this weekend.Monday will be a garden day...
Hi Angela,Sorry to hear your weather has been as lousy as it has here.It was still gusting today.The Hellebores have flowered again despite the foul weather.
I added my Blog to Stuarts Blotanicals so hopefully you will be able to find me soon.
Its always sad when the wind topples trees.Rain saves you watering for a while :)