Sunday, January 13, 2008

Cakes,Birds,And Gremlins

Sunday morning still. A few bird photos from during the week of the gardens own aerial acrobats (The Blue Arrows?).
Pictures of the Fairy Cakes (I call them angel cakes with wings), and a basket of plants I rescued from work.
The house smells of roast Chicken now... A night of Gremlins with the Oven cremating the second lot of cakes a la King Alfred, and the Internet went off untill this morning.
After a phone call to BT I went through it step by step and it is now restored :)
Have a good weekend wherever you are!


Anonymous said...

Hi David glad you remembered the plants from work. looks like dinner went well for you Cat and the cakes..anything to do with fairies is always good. Also love the bird in flight photo. See you and Cat at work soon.

David (Snappy) said...

Thanks Anonymous.You should sign your name next time :)
Dinner went well, and all the cakes were eaten, as was the home made Apple Crumble.Will be working later this week :)