Thursday, January 24, 2008

Rainbow Colours

I found my Seeds box, and pulled out the many packets...There are aproximately fifty packets of seeds on the technicoloured throw covered sofa. The African bag gardens came with six more packets of seeds. Cat has given me some Calendulas and Cats Snaps...Thats about Fifty Eight packets.
Now I have to choose which seeds to plant. It will be a challenge trying to raise as many plants as possible for the garden, so I only have to buy a few filler plants from the local plant nurserys.
There are lots more flowers than Vegetables. The Vegetable seeds I bought are mini or dwarf versions to fit into the Square foot garden approach.
The Bag Gardens will hopefully supply a good quantity of Salad and Veg. The only thing I cant plant is the Chillis. The Yorkshire weather will not let them grow outside in a shaded north facing garden. The instructions read grow in a greenhouse!
I hope the garden will be as colourful as the Sofa's cover.Like a Rainbow cover...


clairesgarden said...

I'm just gearing up to order my seeds, usually its done by now but the weather is still so bad its difficult to think of anything outside!

Angela Pratt said...

Wow, you have a lot of seeds! Which mini veggies do you have? I haven't started any seeds yet, nor have I gone through my old seeds or placed any new orders. I will order a few new seed packs from my favorite seed catalogs (I shouldn't... but I will) and then I will decide how much I feel like planting.

Sometimes, when the burden of unplanted leftover seeds gets to me, I just run outside and scatter them all over the yard like a crazy person. Then I start fresh. ;-)

David (Snappy) said...

Hi Claire,The bad weather makes me think about seeds and planting.An indoor pursuit for planning and dreaming...
Angela, The mini seeds are Leeks Armor, Onions (spring) Ramrod, Tomato Tumbler F1 (for hanging baskets), Baby Amsterdam 3 Sprint carrots, A compact Cabbage called Excel F1, Dwarf Bean Opera, and some compact Pea Calibra.
The Garden is small so I thought I would grow smaller plants to fit within the limited space.
My last Veg growing was a disaster in Cass.I hope for better results this year!
The seeds were accumulated over last year.Running outside amok to sow seeds sounds like fun when I tire of seed trays and transplanting!
I hope this got you in the mood for Seed shopping :)