Monday, January 28, 2008

Monday Mouse

This is a house mouse I think. He had light brown fur, little pink ears and feet, and had a penchant for the cereal seeds left for the abscent birds.
He started darting out between the paver by the water bowl and the seeds that i pu out around the rose bush.
I did not know mousey was active during the day but he scampered back and fourth about fourty times. If I lifted the Paver there would be a stockpile of seed secreted by the scampering mouse.
An opportunist mouse, the second one after the field mouse in the amazon boxes.I love photographing wild Britain, when you get unexpected garden guests.
There is more than enough seed to feed the birds and a stray mouse.


kate said...

I've always had a soft spot for field mice, as long as they stay outdoors. They are adorable little critters!

Anonymous said...

Mice are cute, unless you've got one in your house, as I do. Do you (or any of your readers) know of any natural mouse deterrents? He's managed to find his way in and OUT of a humane trap, and seems to love everything that mice are supposed to hate (cloves, mint, onions, etc.).
I'm greatly enjoying your bird photos, and loved your slide show! I'm glad you could get it working. And keep showing us your lovely blooms. It'll be months before we see any here. :-(

Anonymous said...

Hi David, I saw a mouse in our kitchen, climbing the brickwork last year and it scared the heck out of me. looking at your little mouse it looks quite sweet not sure how I would feel seeing one in our garden though.
We have been watching for new birds on the feeding station this morning but none as yet to be seen. Love the idea of the Rspb tho. Hope to catch up at work soon.

David (Snappy) said...

Hi Kate,I like mice outdoors not inside the house!They seem to love the bird seed that has fallen down. Thats two species of mice I have seen so far in just a few weeks...
Tina,I will do a google search about humane traps. Your mouse must be a character eating everything he is supossed to not like!I am glad you liked the slideshow.I had problems trying to sort it out, but it worked lovely.Even I sit watching them slide across. Bird therapy :)
Hi Lynn,I love all wildlife even nastys like Slugs and snails.Im not bothered by mice outside, just dont like them inside!
Be patient with the birds and they will come. I was worried none would come here but they have and do.All my feeders have been used by the birds.The fatballs have been well eaten, I need more in fact.They have eaten eight fatballs in about eight weeks.
I will catch up on your blog and look at all your slideshows.See you soon :)

andy said...

We have had a fox, badger and moles in our garden over the past 6 months its like a zoo. One of the moles actually died on the surface I didnt realise they dont eve have eyes poor little thing.