Monday, January 14, 2008

A Britt -Arnhild Flower :)

A Blue Hyacinth flower to go with Britt Arnhilds Blue blogs.
I have just been reading her many blogs about food, opera, and the garden. They are full of lovely warm storys. The house in the woods has 800 posts with lovely photos to illustrate the prose. Not bad for someone whos first language is Norwegion.

The Blue Cafe is here:

And finally the Blue Garden with some dreamy winter pictures of snow and tree branches:

Someone who blogs almost as much as me. Hope you all check her lovely blogs out :)


Anonymous said...

Dear David. Thank you so much.....

I am actually experiences one of those vulnerable days today where I drink all the support I get, like a thirsty sponge. Opening your blog, seeing this beautiful blue flower together with my name, reading your kind words.......well, tears started to flow freely.

David (Snappy) said...

Thanks Britt-Arnhild,I hope they were happy tears.We all have vulnerable days, and thats when family, friends, and bloggers come into their own, to support us.I have read your own kind words many times too, but sometimes we need to express our thoughts.
Bless you :)

xxsnappygirlxx said...

hi snappy, just wanted to say you are very thouhtful, and conciderate love the flower. i want to do my garden for the summer could you give me some tips on what to plant im a novice at this you are an expert thank you.

by Danie said...

I like this Britt Arnhild blue flower, you have a great taste, this flower correspond to her exactly. (as far as I know her thru her blog)

David (Snappy) said...

Thanks Snappygirl,I will do my best to advice you :)
Thanks Kitem,I'm glad you can see Britt-Arnhild in the flower.I could see her in the colour.