Saturday, January 12, 2008

Angelic Robin And Angel Cakes

There must be Spring in the Air.I have been shopping today and started to clean the kitchen and Oven ready for baking Angel cakes, and a roast dinner tomorrow. The oven was probably last cleaned when the original ghostly gardener layed out the slabs and raised border!
My photogenic Robin was one of a few visitors today. The builders across the buffer zone started to tear up the earth with an excavator.I assume my garden spirits moved away from the hullabaloo and men in flourescent waistcoats.
This cheeky bird wanted soime fatball, but could not cling on to the wire frame, like the Blue Tits. He looked up, and then flew up at it for a quick nibble before flying off.
He looks Angelic in the top photo spreading his wings, and reaching for the Sky (or fatball). A true Garden spirit...
More posts tomorrow.There are some Angel cakes to cook once the oven is cleaned!


Anonymous said...

hay david you never invited me for a roat dinner and angel cakes , did not know that you could cook, there is no end to your talent
tracy p

Anonymous said...

You had an angel visiting you today :-)
Lovely photo.

clairesgarden said...

love the robins, i put 'suet to go' on the bird tabe which they love, if they can ger in before the starlings!

David (Snappy) said...

Hi Tracey P,I am obviously a dark horse.I will bring you some cakes sometime when we are working together!
Thanks Britt Arnhild,I thought he looked very angelic with his wings spread and the light coming through them...
Hi Claire,I will have to try Suet then.I have not seen any starlings in the Garden yet.I love the cheeky Robin.He is a garden character :)