Friday, July 06, 2012

Rain And Strawberries

 The jet stream has brought us more torrential rain today.In some places a months average rainfall has fallen in a day.The rain water was running down the garden path.The greenhouse floor was flooded as the rain poured through the holes in the plastic tarpaulin.My green planter box was flooded again with water.One plant that is enjoying the rain is the Apple Braeburn in the pot.English Apples love sunshine and rain.We have had plenty of the second!The gardens Sweetcorn are also loving the wet conditions.
I put out more bird food.The house sparrows were gathered under the cover of the squirrel proof feeder eating the sunflower hearts.I need to buy some more fat balls as they have ran out.
 The wildflowers by the pond have been flattened by the hard rain we have been having.This is the Astrantia Major,one of my blogs favourite flowers.Its growing by Red Clover,and Birds Foot Trefoil.
  The garden is looking very lush,with a few rain battered flowers.I have just eaten a bowl of our home grown Strawberries with fresh cream.Perfect after watching the men's singles semi finals at Wimbledon this afternoon/evening.Well done to Roger Federer,and Andy Murry who are both through to the final on Sunday.
 It is dry at the moment with lots of birds singing away in the evening twilight.


Anonymous said...

The rain is getting a little boring now - I hope we have a little sunshine this month!

Ioana said...

The same awful weather here and do I miss summer!
I see your Astrantia in bloom, but mine hasn't got one single bud.
I guess it might be because mine is a new plant, in a new garden and yours is well established now