Sunday, February 21, 2010

Winter Walk

When we awoke today we found it had snowed overnight, and laid on the ground. The whole street was white in virginal snow. I wanted to go today for a walk around Newmiller Dam. We walked around the long lake, and through the woods. Like the talking dog in Up we shouted "Squirrel!" and took this photo. These two Squirrels were digging up buried food.

Newmiller Dam is surrounded by dense woods. These trees are like giants towering over the dark waters of the Lake. Today the water was frozen in parts, and the trees decked out in snow which melted slowly onto us as we walked around. The Trees bark is visible during the winter months.

Newmiller Dam is famous for its wild water birds. These are some strange looking Ducks with black mohawks slicked back. They dive to the lake bottom to feed. We saw these at Pugneys, and now at Newmiller dam. They fly close to the water with their feet dangling. I wander if these are winter visitors?

The woods are being managed now by cutting down non native trees to clear more space within the densely packed woods. Native species should thrive in the new cleared areas. We saw a few Wrens flying amongst the undergrowth. The trees support more birds, different from the lakeside birds.

This Robin sat nearby in a tree and let me photograph him. The Robins were in evidence all over the Lakeside. They were singing away defending their territories. These are beautiful birds to look at, and they are so unafraid of people.
It was a lovely day for a winter walk. The roast chicken is in the oven now cooking. The cold and the walk has made us hungry..


Kelly Rhoades said...

You have a beautiful blog! Thank you for sharing with us.

Unknown said...

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