Monday, February 01, 2010

Secreted Scent

These small buds are growing on the Witch hazel growing in the right border. They will open soon to reveal their little scented yellow flowers.
Its been very cold recently so I think the buds are not opening sooner. The other Witch Hazel says it flowers between December to February.
The Witch Hazel plant I bought is still in its pot. I hope that it will be planted in the new house whenever we find one.
I've been looking at Cameras, as my Fuji Finepix has a broken wheel, and is temperamental focusing on smaller details.
It gets used an awful lot, so no wander its falling apart. There are so many cameras on which one to buy??
I have spent the day nipping into and out of the garden. Tidying up, and examining plants and growing bulbs. I watched the birds from the dining room table.
I saw two Wagtails yesterday for the first time. Little black and white birds with bobbing tails. They flew up into the arbors Honeysuckle.
Its the first of February already. Time seems to be flying by. Soon the garden will begin to wake from its winter slumber.

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