Thursday, February 04, 2010

Blue Flower and Boxes

We were looking at houses yesterday throughout the day. It was getting colder, and greyer as the day went on. In the afternoon it snowed again and has settled on the ground. The first house we saw had a nice front garden with a privet hedge, and a medium sized back garden with a decking area, grass, and a few shrubbed areas. After viewing four others we decided the first house was perfect and so today we put an offer on it.
This Primula has just a brilliant blue colour with the yellow eye, and almost a pearl in the dead centre of the flower. The other Primulas are only just growing flower buds from the centre of their leaves. This plant is flashy, and the colour is lovely on a misty and cold winters day.

The garden is misty like London by gaslight, hanging over the light dusting of snow from yesterday. The snow is melting away slowly, dripping off the Conifers, and bare branches of the other trees.
The Blackbird was flying into the Sunflower hearts feeder to knock it into a pendulum motion so it dropped hearts on the ground. He is a young juvenile Blackbird, but is extremely clever to work out how to get food out from a suspended feeder.
Our offer has been accepted on the house so we can start to get the boxes ready to move in a month or so.
The Lilac Tree, and Apple Tree will look lovely planted in the ground. They will finally be able to root themselves into the ground and escape the confines of the pots they are in.
I am already working out what will need transporting to the new house. Water butts, compost bins, the Greenhouse, and the rose bench are definitely coming. Our new garden will hopefully become self sufficient for water and compost.
I saw a lot of Birds flying around when we saw the house yesterday so I know there is a local population to attract to our feeders. John (Cats son) saw a Squirrel on a nearby tree yesterday too.
The new house's garden is smaller than here but it will be ours to develop and nurture. Cat is excited..


Anonymous said...

Congratulations Dave & Cat on the big house news (small and perfectly sized with a privet hedge). Love Jaws x

lisa said...

Congratulations! A new garden too, how exciting!