Tuesday, February 09, 2010

New Garden Idea's

The Crocuses are growing on nicely now in the garden. They have not been chewed by any mice yet like last years in Trilby street. The Snowdrops are flowering now too around the right hand border. Daffodils, Tulips, and Alium's have started growing their leaves in earnest.
I have been working nights so the blog has been having a rest. I'm off today before more work tomorrow.
The new house is ours now, subject to all the bureaucracy of financing it.
I'm looking at our garden and working out what ideas or plants to take from it.
I have been writing down a plant wish list to furnish the new garden.
I like the Honeysuckles that grow up the Pergola, and up the left hand fence. It has lovely fragrant flowers and the birds love flying into it.
Another fence plant we have growing here is Pyrocanthus. It has lovely red berrys that the blackbirds like to eat in the Autumn.
I love the two Dogwoods that give colour in the winter with their brightly coloured barks of red, and an orange. Their leaves are quite colourful too in the autumn.
Hopefully by the end of March we will have moved into the new house, and have our new garden. It can take the best ideas from here, and have new ideas I have not thought of yet.
It will be organic, with compost bins, water butts, a greenhouse, and be wildlife friendly. Cat can help me plan and make the garden perfect.
We just need to start packing the house up into boxes ready for the move.


Unknown said...

I just stopped by to see how things were going for you, David... and am glad to see that you're doing lots of spring planting. And that you have someone lovely with whom to plan a dream garden. :)

Anonymous said...

Hello, David!
I've been watching your garden blog for a few months and I am checking it regularly. I love your writing and your photos. And right now ... I so wish you posted more photos of your blooming snow drops :)
I've planted a few bulbls in autumn, but only one of them showed up yet and I am afraid for it, as it is still freezing here - I live in Luxembourg.
Have a nice afternoon with nice colourful surprises from your garden.