Thursday, February 11, 2010

Garden In My Mind

The Witch Hazel flowers are slowly unfurling from their brown flower buds. Like stretching after a good nights sleep under a warm quilt.
The scent has not been released yet, but the whole plant is liberally covered in these brown buds and yellow ribbon flowers.
The sun is shining today casting a warm glow on the garden. The warmth of the sun has melted the frozen ice of the birdbath and birds water bowl. There is even a hint of blue sky behind the clouds.
We went to Hampsons Nursery today and looked around at the shrub plants. On our wish list was Honeysuckles, Eucalyptus , Dogwoods, a Magnolia, a Weeping Willow tree, and a flowering Cherry Tree..
We saw some of these wish list plants. We need to get moved in first before we can go plant shopping. A lot of the Shrubs/Trees will give the new garden some height as it is flat at the moment. These big bushy plants will break up the rectangle feel of the garden, and introduce height.
The birds will have something to fly into before they alight on the feeders. We bought a granite base to put the bird feeder station in. It can be moved around the garden to stop the messy birds seeding a single area of the garden.
I want a herb garden within reach of the Kitchen. Maybe a simple window box under the kitchen window will give us fresh herbs.
The allotment also needs to be finally cleared and all the beds marked out ready for planting in late March/April.
The plot will supply most of our fresh veg this year as the new-house will be able to supply herbs, New Potatoes grown in Gro Bags, Strawberry's in the Herb Bag, and maybe Fresh Peas grown in a little cultivated corner.
The new garden will be pretty to look at, have an area for a table and chairs for sitting outside, be attractive to wildlife and insects, be self sufficient in compost and water, and be functional for growing soft fruit and vegetables. I will also grow my two favourite food plants, Tomatoes and Chilli's.
I'm excited now about the garden in my mind, and how to turn it into a reality.

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clairesgarden said...

its very exciting to have a new garden to plan, especially if its starting off from 'bare'. it took my garden about 6 years to really look how I wanted it, still more to do as you say 'in your minds eye'!
take lots of before during and after picutures!!