Tuesday, February 16, 2010


The Snowdrops in the right hand border have opened now, and I photographed them today after we came back from town. Three photos of one Snowdrop, showing it from three different angles. I have muddy jeans where I laid on the grass to get the pictures. The first photo shows how they are so simple in form, angelic looking , and for me are harbingers of Springtime being near. These were miniature Snowdrops I think.

The second photo is a worms eye view of under the Snowdrop, showing its ruffled petticoat type flower petals. The flying insects have to look up, into the snowdrops white outer petals, to see where the nectar is.

The third photo is the view underneath the Snowdrop. It has a Rose like complexity with the spashes of khaki green and white. This is the Snowdrops secret. I always like to handle flowers, examine them from all angles, and look into the cup like centres that draw the insects and bees to them.
In town i bought the Onion sets for the allotment (Stuttgarter, and Turbo), and some Primo 2 Cabbage seeds. Along with the Potatoes these will be the three main crops growing at the plot. I will stick to growing few things this year, until the allotment has been developed more.
There is a lot to organise for our new house, garden, and the allotment plot, our last trio of this post.


Eliza said...

It's so nice to see your snowdrop photos, mine aren't up yet. We usually have spring bulbs by Valentine's Day but this year the winter has been colder than normal.

Good luck with your potatoes, cabbage, and onions!

Anonymous said...

I love the photos and the little flowers that are so delicate.
My snow-drops are still under a blanket of snow and I hope they'll bloom soon.
Also, you have inspired me with your previous post and I ordered 5 kinds of David Austin bare roots to plant.
It was so difficult to choose from so many wonderful types of roses :)

Enjoy your milder weather and the nice little surprises in your garden!