Sunday, December 06, 2009

Pink Tutu's And Xmas Tree

The Christmas Cactus has flowered a few days ago. Its been sat most of the year growing its leaves away.
Its now made masses of little white buds. These expand and turn into pink flowers like this. Its like two ballet dancers in tutu's.
I put up the Xmas tree today, and decorations all over the walls.
The Xmas music was played on you tube and through the DVD player.
I have taken the forced Hyacinth out of the cupboard to try to make it bloom by Christmas day.
Nineteen days left yet.. I wander what gardening gifts I will give away, and receive..
The Xmas lights, tree, and music are part of the holiday festivities. I'll take a photo of the tree for the blog.
What are other gardeners doing to celebrate Christmas?


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