Monday, December 14, 2009

Floral Suprises

The Amaryllis I bought from the Autumn flower show has grown a second flower spike with four Flowers on it. They are red and white striped blooms. Smaller than the usual large Amaryllis blooms. I did not think it would flower again after the first spike had five flowers.
The colours feel complimentary to christmas.
It has been raining again and the garden is waterlogged. I looked today at the Parsnips growing in the raised bed at the back of the garden. They looked healthy and a good size. I hope they are lovely to eat at Xmas with the Turkey.
I need to do my Christmas shopping tomorrow and get gifts for my gardening friends.
What to buy them? Seeds, gardening books, tools, gloves, a garden radio?
What do the blog readers want to find in their Xmas day stocking?
I know Monty Don has a new book released. Im a sucker for packets of Seeds. I loved my gifts from Cat before of David Austin Roses.
Its always nice opening presents for the unexpected suprises.

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Georgina said...

This sis, wants to open Skype on Christmas Day morning (your Xmas Eve) and find you & Mum on a skype-conference call... I'll have bucks fizz, and you guys can have as you please eggnog :)