Friday, December 18, 2009

Winter Wonderland

It started snowing a little yesterday. As I slept I dreamt of falling snow flakes. When I woke up I jumped up to peek out of the curtains. The roads, paths, and grasses were dusted with white. The morning was gleaming with bright snow reflected light.

The back garden was covered too. I went out after making a coffee, to examine the cold stuff and feel it crunching under my cloggys. The bird's water was frozen solid in the large bird bath, and the smaller water bowl. I have since gone back out to break the ice, and replace it with fresh water, so the garden birds have something to drink. They had left lots of little splay toed footprints over the snowy ground, and along my garden bench.
I saw mystery paw prints left in the snow, maybe the two resident Cats have been in the garden overnight? Its like being Sherlock Holmes seeing who has been along during the night when the air was cold and still.

My Frog plant waterer looks like he is shivering in the snow. There is more snow forecast today. It makes me smile still, and revert back to childhood years. The excitement of snow falling, and laying.
The garden looks like an Xmas card scene. All I need is the Robin to pose for a photo for me. There is only a week left untill Xmas...

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