Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Winter Day

The Apple tree in the garden is bare now, all the leaves have dropped off onto the ground. The Goldfinches still use it as their favourite perch to survey the garden, fly to the feeders, and to sing at each other.
I took this silhouette photo of them against a cloudy December sky.
The temperature is dropping daily, and it gets dark earlier. My solar lights have now run out of battery. They need summer sunshine to recharge themselves!
The soil is cold and damp. The only thing that seems to be growing is Mushrooms in the grass, and under the shrubs.
Wildlife watching is what you can do in the Winter, and reading Seed catalogues to plan for next years spectacular garden. I wander which plants will survive the winter, and which will succumb to the frosts and ice when it comes.
As long as I keep the bird food and fresh water topped up the Goldfinches will keep me company during the short days of winter.

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Henry said...

I enjoyed your view of a cold winter day you have the mark of a true gardener. This is my first time on your Blog and I will visit again Henry