Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Blackbirds And Beatles

Its the 23rd day of December, two sleeps before Xmas day..
I went outside to get the Pars-neeepps (thats how I say it to Cat...Parsnips) to discover the ground was frozen solid and the parsnips were encarcerated in icy soil. I need to wait for the ground to defrost before I can dig them up.
Cats Mum gave us the Turkey today, a large fifteen pound bird. We're working out cooking times now for the Xmas day dinner.
Its not snowed today, and in places the snow is melting slowly. The freezing night time temperatures have turned the ground icy.
I slipped over at Hil's house on the ice cutting my hand open. Owch!
Her garden was full of male Blackbirds fighting over the bread she left out. I saw House Sparrows, Starlings, a Blue Tit, and a little Wren. The snow and ice have driven them into the gardens for food supplys.
I saw my Chaffinch this morning singing alone in the apple tree in our garden. He has a look of the Redbird (Cardinal) of America with the little Mohican tuft of hair on his head.
The snow makes you look at the garden in a new light. I love how the ice is frozen along the tops of branches, like nature made ice sculptures.
When we arrived back Tom (Cats son) and his band serenaded us with A Ticket To Ride by the Beatles. Two acoustic guitars, one Bass Guitar, and Sweetbox drums...
Its nearly Christmas..

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