Monday, August 10, 2009

Lost And Exotic Birds

This baby Greenfinch seemed to have lost its parents. He was happily feeding on the sunflower hearts even when i was taking his photo.
He was not disturbed by me at all. He then flew onto the fence and sat all fluffed up sleeping.
Our two weeks of holiday are up now. We went around Pugneys and Newmiller Dam one day, and down to David Austins Rose Gardens and plant centre another which will get their own posts.
We saw some exotic birds including a rare Kingfisher at Pugneys. We never got a glimpse of one at Fairburn Ings but walked into a hide, and one flew low over the second lake and held onto some grasses. Just out of Camera range. I will have to try again to photograph a Kingfisher.
We saw a Heron and Crested Grebe at Newmiller Dam on the same day too...
Our last exotic bird was a Peacock that walked upto the David Austin Cafe window and was peering inside at the cream teas..
When you want to see a certain bird (ie Kingfisher) you cannot, when you least expect it then it flys in front of you.
Our garden is full of garden birds. House Sparrow, Starlings, Goldfinches, and so on. They are a daily spectacle to observe from the kitchen.

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Jennifer AKA keewee said...

I love all the birds which visit our garden, that is, except for the crows. Our plum trees are loaded with fruit this year, and the rowdy crows (more than usual) come in flocks to eat the plums.