Sunday, August 23, 2009

Sunday Labour

This is the first Rose I photographed at the David Austin Rose gardens and plant centre. Its called Generous Gardener, and I love the soft pastel pink colour.
I walked to the allotment today to keep on doing the clearing. Two feet by twenty feet took me about three hours.
I have some nice calluses on my hands now, and a more tanned colour.
It has been slow progress as the plot was left wild for a few years. My plot was not topped off, but left overgrown.
As others are planting things, putting sheds up, I'm trying to clear the top growth off.
As slowly as im clearing it the annual weeds are germinating behind me. My few plants look a bit scraggly. Cabbages, Leeks, Courgettes, Squashes, and a Pumpkin..
The Rhubarb we cut has been cooked and frozen ready to make Rhubarb crumbles for Sunday dinner. We collected Blackberrys and Apples from the garden and made Apple and Blackberry pies, and an Apple pie.
I'll take the camera to the plot to mark my progress of clearing it. I am thinking of four foot wide beds with paths running between them.
The Shed base needs laying down once I have cleared a place for it. The pallets have been turned into a three sided compost bin. I think I need some big black compost bins for transferring between the open one to finish composting in the Black ones.
The shed will be used to store the tools, netting, pots, etc. The roof can channel water into water buts to save a trip to the open water hole halfway across the allotment.
I hope its dry for the next few days so I can continue clearing the plot. I will sleep well tonight after my days exertions.


LostRoses said...

What a gorgeous rose,I hadn't heard of that particular variety. I'm a fan of David Austin roses though I think I have only Graham Thomas now. Wish I had more sunny spots for them.

Your allotment sounds like a lot of labour, all good exercise, right?

Georgina said...

Hey Bruv, hope you're enjoying your time off - & you got sunshine too! Not long here now til Mum & Trev arrive! I'm going to Sydney on Sep 4th for the weekend to visit a chum. Will send your regards to the Tower thingy where you worked! Love sis x

Anonymous said...

I have never met a soft pink rose I did not love.