Sunday, August 16, 2009

Feelgood Garden

My favourite part of the garden is where the bench sits under the retaining wall. The newly dug border has filled out with flowers and is always buzzing with bees and hoverflys.
The birds have dropped some Sunflower seeds which germinated.
The sunlight comes through the garden and illuminates the leaves and makes the flowers appear like jewels.
I cut the grass yesterday which blistered my hands. It was so lush and thick that the mower struggled to make an impact at the wilder end of the garden.
I read an article that says Gardens give people a feel good factor, and help their health and mental well being. The research was done by the national trust.
I love going out into the garden daily, to see whats growing, and sometimes just to sit down. This is my favourite place to sit in the photo.

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Anonymous said...

I can see why it is a favor place. The garden makes me feel good too.