Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Night Time Visitor

I did the RSPB big garden watch survey before, and one of the questions was how often do these creatures visit? Foxes, Cats, Badgers, Frogs, and Hedgehogs. I answered none for all of them untill last night. I saw a shadowy figure moving along the grass on the raised part of the garden. I moved closer and thought Hedgehog...

The photos were taken in darkness, only the Camera flash illuminated the nocturnal slug/snail muncher. She just pressed herself into the grass. I got Cat to come out and see my wildlife discovery. We sat watching Mrs Tiddywinkle quietly breathing, with her stripey spines rising and falling.

After a while she lifted her nose up and I went to get a saucer of milk. My Mum used to leave milk out for our Hedgehogs in Cheltenham. I cannot remember seeing any of them there, but I did see them near a residential area that had a long patch of grass.

she never drank the milk, but continued her night time foraging. I heard the grass rustle and the sound of crunching slugs and snails in her little sharp teeth. She went along the fence into the Vegetable patch where I left her.
The rain has made the grass wet, and the Slugs/Snails come out in force. The garden was a gourmet banquet for our nocturnal visitor. If i had not gone outside we would not have seen her.I know we attract at least one Hedgehog.

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Sue Garrett said...

It's good that the hedgehog didn't drink any milk as it is bad for them and upsets their tummies. They love cat food though!!