Monday, August 03, 2009

Sun Lover

The Moulin Rouge Sunflower in Bloom yesterday. This is only about five feet high. The Single Giant Sunflowers are all around seven feet and growing slowly over the garden fence.
The Sunflower (latin name is Helianthus Annuus) is one of the oldest cultivated flowers. Originally from the Americas the Incas used the flower to worship the sun god.
The Spanish went back to Spain with Seeds, and Golden Sunflower statues.
It is grown commercially for sunflower oil, its seeds for peanut butter alternative, and a rye flour. It has been used to clean decontaminated soil near Chernobyl.
I love how the Sunflower bloom follows the Sun from sunrise to sunset. Heliotropism this is called.
I am going to the allotment today to do more clearing. The growing season is coming towards its end now.
There are eight more Sunflowers growing in the garden, two more Moulin Rouge, three giant singles, and three that the birds have dropped which have germinated.
They are happy flowers to grow in gardens, and who can not enjoy having a Sunflower race. Growing a seed each and labeling it.
My Sunflower is in third place, trailing behind Cats and Toms in the lead..

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