Monday, August 29, 2005

Garden update

hello again.I have just finished my garden tidy up after being away for two weeks.I had visions of everything dying or flowering before i returned.
However it was a nice suprise.My pot marigolds have grown one foot in the air and have the maddest yellow/orange flowers.They were not like mums pot marigolds that self seeded a thousand times.I always liked the pungent green leafs and bright orange flowers, showy but short lived.
Three of the gladiolus have flowered.They definitely need support though as they flop around like drunken sailors at midnight!!
The evening primrose have grown bushy but all the flowers have gone.The snapdragons have flowered again and made seed heads.
My violas have gone over, some flowers remain and lots of dried seedheads.
The rose bush has risen again with new leafs and an orange flower bud.The french marigolds continue to bloom spectacularly.
I have some purple flowered umbrellas from summer bulbs.I dont know the name now,i forgot already.
The grass has been cut at the front and side.The back grass has gone wild,its about a foot tall.Notice the overgrown photo......
My dead busy lizzies have regrown and have flowers on them again.The lavender still has flower spikes on it.
In my abscence the weeds have grown equally.To my horror and hurt hand there were stinging nettles, brambles, and the evil bind weed choking whatever it could hold onto.
I have begun to formulate plans for next year once the summer starts to end.I have a short list of what grows and what died.I have some ideas for the terrible soil and moisture retention.
Going to put pictures on now....

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