Friday, July 22, 2005

230th post

I havebeen off today and spent most of the day in the garden trimming the borders and edges, removing weeds, and looking for new growth.
I got some plants from one of my workmates which now sit in a pot.One is a spreading pink geranium.The other is nameless untill it grows flowers from which i can identify it.
The dusty millers have grown magic yellow flowers like daisies but orange yellow.The nigellas have blue flower buds ready to shimmer over airy green fern leafs.
The calendulas have grown big but no flower buds yet.The french marigolds have flowered every place i planted them.
The square border had no moisture in the top few inches of soil.Like the barren Kalahari desert, so thats why everything wilted during the hot days.
The evening primrose near the log border have grown large and have flower buds.The purple cone flowers have been repotted in a larger pot.
For some reason when i looked today the garden borders looked vibrant and cool like the first time i have seen them.I have been working a lot and feeling too tired to be green fingered.
Post photos tomorrow people.May your gardens keep blooming all summer!!

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