Wednesday, August 03, 2005

day off

I am back online after the computer went down, the broadband went off for two days.I am using sallyannes computer as the main one went crazy and stopped working.
I want to strim the back garden today.I have looked at the new flowers.The love in the mist are like blue stars hovering between green fronds.
the coriander has flowered with white delicate flowers.the lettuces need eating now....
The evening primroses have flower buds but not flowered.Geraniums have gone mad at the front and back.
the summer bulbs have started flowering.little blue flowers.cant remember what they are called.
The dutch iris have finished,i loved their blue/yellow flowers.More of those next year.the square border has no roses left just stems.the french marigolds continue to flower all where i put them.
more photos later....

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OldRoses said...

Isn't it amazing how addicted to our computers we have become? I can't wait for more photos.