Friday, May 10, 2013

Nine Colours Of My May Garden

   I took lots of photos today in the garden, and finally worked out how to shrink the photos to a smaller size for the blog posts.I think this is a Wild Viola that has self seeded in the Hosta can see the lilac petals and hairy throat.It is about the size of my little finger nail.You get the full effect bent down low to see it flowering.It will be shaded out soon by the unfurling Hosta leaves.
 In the square pot on the small patio coffee table the orange Geum is beginning to get ready to flower.There is a big Geum Mrs Bradshaw growing in the sunken border just besides the path.
 The Chinese Tree Peony has one big flower bud, and that is starting to open up.It is boxed in by the mad growth of the Dicentra.
 From small beginnings this plant has grown massively.It is maybe three times the size of a few years ago.Every autumn it dies back to the ground and miraculously sprouts from the earth in March.It is now festooned in pendulous heart shaped flowers.
 I love the graceful leaves and the way the flowers sway in the wind.
 The Aquilegias are getting ready to flower too, under the fading green and white Tulip. I love the contrast of colours.
 The Kerria is ablaze with colour with its yellow and white pom pom flowers.It has masses of green stems covered in these flowers.Its like an air stream of yellow sunshine.
 The free Spalding Bulbs have flowered.The exotic lovely looking Tibetan Peacock Orchid. The third bulb has just leaves at the moment.I will be interested to see how they grow once the flowers have finished.I think the leaves make another pseudo bulb separate from this years, and that is what over winters in a frost free place ready for growing on next March.
The Japanese painted Fern has regrown from the centre of this pot.I let lots of moss grow to insulate the fern, and to stop it from drying out.It looks beautiful with the multi coloured ferny leaves.
  There is so much growing.Its hard to know what to photograph.There are still more photos for me to share.The May garden is full of jewelled flowers.
 I will watch Gardeners World soon on you view. They are coming from the Malvern Spring Flower Show.
  I re potted my two types of Cabbages, Noelle and Wingedstadt.I planted the Presto Blue and White Petunias in two hanging baskets.I potted up the newest Petunias Blackberry Sour F1 with purple and lime green flowers.I hope the baskets will be contrasting but pretty to look at.
 The only plants I am waiting for is the Night Phlox.They will join the Sweet Peas, Lilac Tree, Honeysuckle, and Nemesia Vanilla scent to fragrance the garden near to the Rose bench.
 My Fryers Rose Scent Sation has finally grown some buds on the cut stems.It has me worried that all the Roses have leaves and it was just bare stems.I'm pleased to see the pink buds swelling along the stems and the base.It needs good growth of leaves to put energy into more root production.
  In the Greenhouse there are lots of trays of Vegetable plants growing on.I have about four weeks to get them to the allotment before i go to New Zealand.I am gardening against the clock, and will leave Cat instructions for me three weeks away.
  The May sunshine and showers have invigorated the garden.There is a real energy, and you can see developments every day just walking around and looking.

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