Sunday, May 12, 2013

Paint Box Colours

   Cat planted all the Rose pots last year with spare Pansy plants.They have over wintered and now are blooming away like mad in a paint box explosion of bright colours.Each flower has a unique pattern and colour, testing the Nikons sensors to colour.
The purple and white Pansys have striking petals and the colours look like a face.They are cheeky garden spirits.I love the yellow centre with just a hint of red around the yellow eye.                     
  This one has a burnt orange colour, contrasting to the green leaves below.
 A red Pansy with a dark centre.
 The Red and Yellow pattern with red patches on the lower petals.These are lovely plants and have been growing away with not much help from me. On Gardeners World a grower suggested cutting them back hard in the summer, so they flower sporadically over Autumn and Winter, and then explode into colour the following Spring.It is like a firework display under the Roses. A multi coloured dance troop, support flowers before the main event of the Roses flowering.
   The Hostas are growing away fast now, they seem to develop even bigger leaves than before.The top dressing has inspired them to grow healthy leaves.They are bordered by baskets, willow wigwams, and The Lady Emma Hamilton Rose.The Cherry Tree Mertons Glory is on the far right with the newly developing yellow Cherries.
The first Strawberry flower growing in the sleeper bed.I need to construct a frame to put the netting over the fruits when they develop.I have four different Stawberries growing. Two in bags( Amelia Jane, and Mara De Bois), the raised sleeper bed which has mostly Elsanta and other unnamed Varieties being grown before we bought the house, and the White Pineberries.
  The rain and sunshine has caused the plants to start growing towards the sky.they have been flat to the soil for the winter.
 There is a Bramley Apple Tree, Gooseberry Bush, and Raspberry canes growing besides the Strawberries. A mini soft fruit oasis near to the Rose bench.
  There are nine days left untill the 100th RHS Chelsea flower show.I will devour the BBCs coverage of it and admire all the gardens. Im looking forward to seeing if Prince Harry goes to his charitys garden.Apparently they sold all the tickets within a few days.They put it down to public interest in his garden.
 Gnomes will be allowed for one year only.I have my Grandads gnomes in the greenhouse.They are old, and worn thin.I love the cheekiness of them.They are not to everyones taste however.I am still looking for some Pink Lawn Flamingoes, much loved in Florida.The garden is already full with a cat,a Crocodile, the classical female Statue, various Frogs, and a weather beaten metal Buddah.They add some uniquesness to the garden.
 I mentioned on twitter earlier that the Chinese Tree Peony has a second flower bud. The first one is losing the papery casing covering it.I am excited.It will be the plants third growing season, and we have not had a flower yet..
 The Rhododendron Sappho is opening its first flower too in the pot by the backdoor.I'm excited about seeing it rebloom.I bought three Rhodies. One is growing in the front garden (the Purple Splendour), and the Sappho in the pot. The third Rhodie looked diseased and died.
 The Peony Sarah Bernhardt is also growing lots of flower buds for the first time.It is also the plants third season.These exotic plants are teaching me patience, and the joy of seeing a plant flower for the first time.
  All the Roses have new leaves and are looking healthy.I used some powdered Rose food this year, and will do when they have bloomed.The Wollerton Old Hall, and Moliniux look good.The Hybrid Tea Queen Elizabeth has such delicate small green and red leaves, compared to the Lady Emma Hamilton.
 The Rose Gertrude Jekyll is also looking healthy growing through the support ring.I hope she blooms lots as i love the scent and pink flowers.The nations favourite Rose according to a recent poll.
 I want to buy an Iceberg Rose, which I saw was on the Chelsea flower shows plant of the centenery. They have picked a plant for every ten years, and the public get to vote for their favourite.My Streptocarpus Harlequin is on the list too.I had an Iceberg Rose but had to leave it behind when we moved.I answered a question about it on email and feel nostalgic for it.The trouble is im running out of places to plant more Roses.I need to win the lottery to buy a house with a bigger garden!
 Despite the rain I love venturing out to see what has grown on, or bloomed.

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