Sunday, May 19, 2013

Pinks And Whites On Chelsea Eve

    The garden seems to have come alive now.there is lush new growth, and flowers appearing every few days. The Roses along the path seem to have grown with renewed vigour. I top dressed all the pots, and gave them some Rose food. It will be a race to see which of my Roses blooms first.The front runners are the Moliniux in the front garden, and the Darcey Bussell in the pot by the back door. Some of the newer bare root Roses are trailing behind in the leaf growing stakes.
 The Hosta collection looks magnificent this year. Lots of greens and blues, with some white edges.the leaves are looking verdant and lush. There has been little slug damage to the pots. They were top dressed and seem to benefit from it. The new Hosta's look tiny in comparison with the old faithfuls.
 The Dicentra has gone mad. It is now about four feet wide and long, and a good three feet high. There is masses of the bleeding hearts. The local Bees have gone mad for them and are constantly buzzing between the pendulous flowers.
 The Petunia Presto White have begun to bloom in the hanging baskets. The Presto Blue is being a bit more leisurely in their blooming. I will photograph the blue when it decides to grace the basket with its presence.
 The Chinese Tree Peony (CTP) has made me wait almost three seasons to give me this spectacular pink bloom. I am a fan of the olive green foliage that grows from the base.It grows upwards, then bushes out.It has been swamped by the rampant Dicentra alongside it.I have spotted two flower buds on the CTP.
 Today it finally opened its flowers to reveal is golden centre. Like a magenta treasure chest, with golden stamen inside the petals.
 It is a beautiful bloom, worth waiting all that time to see it flower.It is more vibrant in real life (after a rain shower) than the picture on the plant label. I have misplaced the CTP's label but will look for it so I can name this magenta beauty.
 Not too far behind the Rhododendron in thee pot is beginning to open its flower buds.I have two Rhodie's still alive in the garden. They are some of Cats favourite plants. I need to plant the Sweet Peas tomorrow in the barrell planters with the twisted metal supports.The Petunia Blackberry Sour need to be planted too in the three remaining baskets.
 I have also spotted that one of my original Iris has flower buds on it.It has been growing for three seasons now and i have never seen it flower.The two Iris i bought were called Indian Chief, and Black Knight.I do not know which the Iris is.I hope it flowers soon so i can share it on the blog.The Peony also has flower buds and ants.Again it is three years old and has never bloomed.It seems to be a vintage year for some of the plants that I originally bought when we moved here.Gardening with patience..
  I watched the BBC's pre RHS Chelsea flower show coverage tonight.It looks amazing. A sumptuous chocolate box of plants, flowers, gardens,gnomes, and celebrities.Tomorrow is the press day, then Tuesday is RHS medals day.The BBC will have some of my favourite presenters like Andy Sturgeon, Christine Walkden, Tom Hart Dyke, Toby Buckland, and Carol Klein (who has grown on me over the last few episodes of Gardeners World. She loves her plants and is very knowledgeable).
 I will have to watch it on the BBC (or BBC I player) as I do not have tickets.One year I will go to see the show for myself.
 I love the Chris Beardshaw garden, and have high hopes for the Sentebale garden of Prince Harry.The Gnomes have already invaded, as i have seen pictures of them on twitter.For one show only.You know spring is here when the Chelsea flower show starts.

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