Monday, July 25, 2011

Summer Holidays

I am finally off on annual leave from work.Two weeks to enjoy the garden, and the allotment.I took this photo of a Blackbird on Friday.We took Mum to the RHS flower show at Tatton Park,in Cheshire on Saturday.

I took 265 photos at the RHS most northerly flower show.It was gloriously hot weather, and the deer park was packed out.I need to select my highlights then blog the best 24 or so photos..

Back in our garden the Mole has scaled down his digging attacks.Only one hole seems to have more dirt piled up it.For a small creature he has caused an inordinate amount of damage to our small grass lawn.

The birds have been feeding undeterred.They are eating all the fat balls like they are going out of fashion.I try to stock up the food and water daily.

The summer holidays have brought with them cloudy sky's, and rain showers.The baskets are blooming magnificently.There are explosions of colour all around the garden.The Bee's are very busy with all the nectar available in our small garden.

I harvested our first new Potatoes of the year yesterday.Three and a half pounds of Charlotte New Potatoes grown in a grow bag on the concrete path.I will go to the plot tomorrow where the early Potatoes should be ready to harvest.

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Landbohaven said...

Rigtig god billede af Solsorten.