Sunday, July 03, 2011

Mystery Lily

The mystery bulbs that I bought and could not remember the name of are Spider Lilys.I sudden noticed it flowering yesterday.It looks like a summer flower daffodil, with the petals hanging around the trumpet.The stamen are dangled in front of the Trumpet.I read a blog yesterday from a Vietnamese writer who stated these were roadside weeds in South East Asia.

They have a lime green colouration inside the trumpet.They smelt of nothing in the morning, but in the early evening they have a sweet lime scent.

The sun is blazing hot outside.I have to work for the next two nights.I have just watered the Tomatoes in the greenhouse.

We picked our first Raspberrys of the year yesterday at the allotment.I watered all the crops up there too.I have just watched the mens singles final at Wimbledon.

The weekend flys when you are having fun.


Gary said...

Nice Spider Lily David. As for the mens finals...quite a surprise as it turned out eh?

ScottiePowick said...

There are Ismene Festalis, and are a favourite of slugs even with grit...Grrrr