Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Garden Colours

The wet weather and hot sunshine has made the garden flower magnificently.I have become a plant collector over time.Each trip to a flower show, or garden centre brings new additions back to the garden.Many Hundreds of plants nestling together.I love walking around the garden in the early morning or evening and looking at all the plants and flowers.Rain and sunshine seems to sharpen the colours, and makes the green leaves glow.
The first photo is of the David Austin Molineux Rose.The colour is pure liquid sunshine.I love the strewn petals on the floor beneath the plants.These will be moved into the front garden once its winter.

These cheeky flowers are annual Lavatera.They were sown by me in Fishponds Drive.They self seeded into the Hosta pot.The colours work so well with the Pink and red flush flowers contrasting against the variegated Hosta leaves.I want to collect the seed heads from these volunteer Lavatera to grow next year.

The second flower of the Spider Lily has bloomed as well.These are such striking flowers growing over the Marguerite Daisy's.The lime scent is amazing.There are two further bulbs planted but they have only made strappy leaves so far.I must remember to dig them up to over winter in a frost free dry environment.I might buy a lot more of these from the flower shows if I can find them.

The Roses have been in three categories this year.The first category is early bloomers.These have stopped blooming now (Gertude Jekyll,Harlow Carr,Lady Emma Hamilton,Arthur Bell,& Margaret Merrill).The second category is Late Bloomers.These are still going strong Roses Molineux, Darcey Bussell, and the photographed Dark Lady.

The third category is the non flowering Rose.The mystery is why the Wisley Rose has not flowered this year.One branch looks dead, and the black spot has ravaged the small dainty leaves.Maybe the wet cold winter has diseased the Rose bush?I will wait and see if it flowers this year.

The Echinops Ritro has grown astonishingly this year.Last year was its second growing season.It grew one round blue ball flower.This year it is four feet high and covered in these amazing spiky flower buds.They will eventually turn blue.The leaves are thick and spiny.These will look spectacular in the late summer when other plants have done flowering.The Blue Thistle flowers are supposed to attract Bee's,flying insects,and Butterflies.

My Butterfly Bush has started to flower.The Buddleja Dark Knight has deep purple flowers with the traditional honey scent.I am hoping this will draw in the local butterflies.It has been too wet though for the past few days.I'm hopeful I can get some Butterfly photos in the garden this growing season.

Another Wildflower I have grown from seed is the Teasel.This is the first flower that is blooming.The local bees have gone mad for it.I have two in the sunken border and one by the wildflower area.The first was so large that I trimmed excessive side shoots.It is very vigorous, but has continued to grow upwards.They are about nine feet tall now.The dry seed heads are the favoured food of Goldfinches and other Finches.

I saw a Goldfinch today alighting on the spiky stems.It is such an architectural plant.I have five plants growing in pots that were self seeded from last years plants.These plants are the third generation from the parent plants I bought at Harlow Carr a few years ago.

Each day brings more colour in different flowers.I enjoy spending time in the garden every day.It is therapeutic with the birds singing and the movement of the plants and flowers in the wind.

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