Friday, July 08, 2011

Edible Garden

The first photo is really like Fire and Ice.The Cool white Marguerite's contrast to the fiery French Marigolds in the tub planter.Some planting combinations can work with opposite colours.I like the frothy olive green leaves behind both strong flowering colours.

The garden is not all flowers.There are textured plants with coloured leaves.These are the Hosta Great Expectations.This year it has exceeded my expectations by almost doubling in size. The Hosta Fire And Ice has grown much more slowly, and has had more weather damage to its green/white leaves.

I have a Laurel in a small pot,two Buxus Balls, and lots of grasses.These are the backbone of a garden giving colour,shape,and form all year round.

The second generation Straw Flower seeds that I grew from Mums original plants have started to flower.These make great Cut flowers as they dry out and last for ages.The petals almost feel like a plastic or a very thin shell.I'm hoping for a variety of colours.I have three trays of these still to get planted!I may cut the flowering ones and replant the spares for a massive end of season Bouquet of the Ever Lasting Flowers.

Cats Sweet Pea Spencer have started to flower at last.These Sweet Peas were bought at Tatton Park last year.They are sweetly scented, and have flowers in a range of pastel colours. These are growing up the netting on the balustrade on the decking.I hope that the flowers will cover the netting and supply the house with plenty of Cut flowers to sit in small vases.They are one of the most fragrant flowers you can cut for indoors.To bring some of the magic of the garden indoors.

The Asiatic Lily's I was given have also started to Bloom.They have such jewel like quality in their bright coloured flowers.So far the two colours of the Lily flowers are Red, and Orange.Their are Pinks,Yellows, and a Red/Pink Lily's yet to bloom.

The Asiatic Lily's were meant to bloom for the Big Lunch on June 5Th, but they had different ideas.I received them quite late, and did not plant them straight away.I love how the pots outside the house are blazing away full of colour.The back garden has two Barrel planters,and two large green pots full of more Lily's.

Orange is such a serene colour.I love the solidness of these Flowers.The petals are strong and not frail.The only thing they lack is a scent!

I went shopping yesterday for bird food, and canes for my Tomatoes.The Outdoor Girls were falling over in their grow bag.The Greenhouse ones have the frame and the cover to lean against.They are much more pampered.I tied all the stems to the canes and trimmed the excess leaves growing around the base.The Tomato plants energy can now be turned to growing the fruit.

The first proper Tomato of the year that i have seen is being formed.It is the size of a Marble now.

I read about the Edible Food Show in March next year.It is a show devoted entirely to growing your own fruit and vegetables, and cooking them.James Wong (the Grow Your Own Drugs plant man)will be there at Stoneleigh House in Warwickshire and doing regular updates before the show

Our Garden has growing Strawberry's,Apples,Gooseberry's,Parsley,Coriander,Chives,Black Basil,Potatoes,Broccoli Garnet,Chili peppers (Scotch Bonnett,Habanero,Purple Tiger,& Cayenne),Tomato's(Outdoor Girl,and Red Cherry)and lastly in pots Courgettes.The Edible plants are growing alongside the flowering ones.I enjoy growing both kinds of plants.

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