Sunday, July 31, 2011

Summer Glory

It's the end of my first week of annual leave.I have shopped lots,been to the allotment a few times.Visited York,and Nostell Priory.We had a Sunday BBQ today.The sun was shining, the insects flying.I took photos of the summer blooming flowers.This White Scabiosa was from the plant stall.It is very angelic looking.The petals look like silk and lace.
My favourite Lily Casa Blanca has flowered today.Its heavy scent drew in the Hover flys from miles.The white petals contrast to the orange stamen.The scent travels on the warm summer breeze.This is about the third year I think that these bulbs have flowered in the pot.
Also flowering in the garden today was my Oriental Stargazer Lily.These are some of the most fragrant Lily's ever introduced to the world.Leslie Woodriff created it in the 1970's.I love the pink and white petals, with the strawberry jam splatter and the heavy scent.These have to be sited away from where Cat sits due to her asthma.I think the scent is very heady, and the colours remind me of Arabian nights. The Rose Wisley has finally bloomed.After I snipped the dead branches away it has grown on and developed a few flower buds.The Blooms are small and dainty,with a lovely old rose smell.I'm pleased it has flowered.I was worried it would not bloom this year, as it has looked quite sickly.
The last photo is of the Rose Margaret Merill.She has grown a second flush of Rose flower buds.The scent is very strong.This is the best seasons flowers I have had off her.She is about four years old now.I love the sunlight illuminating the Roses petals.
Sunlight can make flowers glow like stained glass windows.The garden today had washing hung in it in the morning, and hosted the BBQ in the evening.The birds and insects enjoyed the garden when we were not there in between.A garden can be functional,and beautiful in the same turn.
I have a further week away from work.I plan on doing more gardening,more blog posts,and spending time on the allotment.The late summer garden only needs the odd tidy,and watering.Lots of time to entertain,to photograph,and to enjoy the garden in all its summer glory.

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Very nice blog, glad to have found you. Your maby first danish fan.