Monday, February 07, 2011

In The Lilacs Pot

Growing in the Lilac tree pot this Crocus has sneaked up and developed flower buds. There are three plants growing around the base of the Lilac tree. The Brown and yellow stripes are my little harbingers of Spring.
The Lilac Tree's buds remain perky but dormant. The little surprise of colour gives you a thrill when you spy it for the first time.
The wind is howling again outside destroying the neighbours temporary fence panel. It has blown the bird table into the pond.
My Clematis has been knocked over and rolled across the decking. I hope it has not broken the base of the plant. Clematis is very brittle. The old growth gets very woody, and this means it snaps too easily.I do not seem to have much luck with Clematis. I hope that the winter freeze has not killed off the plant. It does not show any signs of regrowth yet.
Elsewhere in the garden the Spring Bulbs are gathering momentum.They are peeking up through the soil, and some Tulips are growing well. I think there will be masses of colour by the start of March.
I went to Hil's Time For a Cuppa today at a local church. It is a fund raiser for Dementia Care. I bought some Honey,Walnut, and Date Cake. Cakes and Coffee will warm you up after wind swept day, with some suprising colour.


Anonymous said...

I've been saying all week "Spring is on its way!"

Cheryl said...

Your clematis should be okay.....I have a couple that always bud late, so perhaps yours will be fine. I do hope so.

It is good to see the crocus......I have to make the most of mine, rabbits and sparrows seem to be attracted to them....

Hope that horrible wind dies down soon.....I am still struggling with it in my garden.

Jo the Garden Design Girl said...

Hi have you tried putting the Clematis in different areas of your garden? just to be sure that it’s put in the right place so that it will get the maximum nutrients that it gets from the sun and the soil.

I’ve researched some web resources that offer great advice for raising clematis, I found a resource that says the second you find rotting parts in the clematis you have to remove them quickly before it affects the entire vine.

There are also certain types of clematis that are highly resistant to fungi like Madame Julia Correvon. I love vines and it’s so sad to see them wilt.

Please don’t give up the Clematis is such a beautiful plant and it’s worth the effort to just see it bloom and flourish.

Chesters Grove said...

Enjoyed reading through your blog, going to add you to our blog roll if that's okay!