Sunday, February 06, 2011

After The Gale

The howling winds have abated now that battered the garden for two days. Gusts of up to seventy miles an hour wreaked havoc in Yorkshire blowing roofs off, and trees down.
My bird table was blown over and the fence on the right was broken. The panel got blown out. Next week the neighbour is going to replace the right hand fence panels. We will pay for half of the fence..
The clay pot with the leaf has some bulbs that were present in the sunken border when we moved in. I wander if they are Crocuses? They were placed in a pot and were growing away under a Hebe plant. I repotted them and they have started to grow away..
The Mexican frog pot has been damaged by the freezing weather in December/January. His back paint has started to fall off. I think that he expanded during the cold splitting the lacquer paint finish.
I bought him from the Autumn Flower Show from a vendor that sells these Mexican inspired designs.
The rain that followed the gale forced winds has made it impossible to get to the allotment. After my night shift tonight I hope to get down Tuesday.
I have been reading a book called "Fifty Plants That Changed The World". Its a short guide to fifty of the most influential plants that have been grown over time. Plants have been used by mankind for thousands of years. Its an interesting book to read when the weather is too inclement to get outside..

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Cheryl said...

We have had gales but nothing like 70 mph. Pots and debris has been blown around the garden but as I type it appears to have calmed down.

Shame about that lovely frog. Perhaps you should have taken him inside for winter?? I have lost many a beautiful pot after leaving them outside during the winter.

Enjoy your book.....