Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Digging Blitz

I spent another few hours up at the allotment trying to continue my digging blitz. I am trying to go from one side to the other and have bare soil to plant all over. The beds were too much like hard work, trying to keep the paths cleared between the beds. The weeds and grasses sprung up and started to invade the dug beds. This Rhubarb was buried under a few feet of grass before. I have dug around the crowns, and they are the only colour at the moment. The red and greens are quite vivid against the earthy soil.

The Long shot shows the four areas that have been dug over. The small right square will reach the top right hand soil. The black tarpaulin has killed off a lot of the weeds and grass, but the roots still need removing. As quick as I'm digging it new weed growth bursts through the turned soil.
My idea is that every year it should get easier to dig over the soil. I have a large compost heap and a green refuse bin that will be used for composting. Once it has broken down it will be dug back into the plot.

The power house overlooking the plot. You can see the seats (for summer time sit downs), and the table in the shed with the gas stove. Coffee is made every few hours to help me keep my energy levels up.
The Water Butt has collected up to the top. I need a second Butt to collect the overflow. The roof slopes back into some guttering. In the summer it will be good to use rainwater to water the plot. The water hole is half way across the allotment.
Yesterday I went to Wilkos and bought the allotment supplies for this coming growing season.
I have Cabbages and Leeks growing in the coldframe back at the garden. I bought smaller Seed Potatoes for the gardens grow bags( Charlotte, and Pink Fir).
The Allotment spuds will be Rocket first early crop, and Maris Piper main crop. I bought some Garlic cloves, and Red and White Onion Sets. Cat bought some Herb seeds in pots ready to make a Herb Planter. Basil, Parsley,Chives, and Coriander. We have little ceramic labels too.
I need to try to get back tomorrow to continue the digging over. The rain has turned the soil claggy, and the clay sticks to your boots and the fork!
It was very peaceful today with the wind blowing some chimes on next doors plot, and the birds singing away. All I wanted was some warm sunshine.


Anonymous said...

the plot looks good where you have dug it. cant wait to see the produce that you get from it.

Sue Swift said...

Eek - clay soil. The hardest. But if you add in your compost for a few years it should get better.

Anonymous said...

your plot looks well good, im sure you will be growing lots of vegetables again this year?