Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Febuary First

This is the only Camellia that survived the move to this house. It has many layered red flowers held above the glossy shiny leaves. It is growing quietly behind the decking in the sunken border. I am watching the buds growing on it. I cleaned off all the fallen bird food that has dropped on it. It is a great plant for late Winter colour. The green leaves make it attractive all year around. It does not seem to succumb to the hard frosts and freezing nights. It is naturally found growing in Japan and China.
I want to buy some more Camellias with different colour flowers. When I go to the Flower shows this year I will see if I can buy some with white, yellow, or pink flowers.
I swept up fallen debris off our concrete path today. The bird feeders were topped up, and all the water bowls topped up. There are more spring bulbs growing through the soil now. I have got ready to sow some Cabbage seeds to grow in the dilapidated cold frame. I will do a tray of Leeks tomorrow. I will get to the allotment tomorrow after a long break..
I'm writing this in the kitchen with the smell of Chocolate Chip Muffins cooking in the oven. I have done a lot of baking with the natural break from gardening in the winter. I hope that the Camellia will flower this Springtime.
I need a new camera as the old one is a bit battered from constant usage.


Anonymous said...

I am quite excited because all my bulbs (in pots on the balcony) are springing up.

I need to get motivated to get down to the garden and start prepare the beds ... it is just so cold though!

Cheryl said...

You are so lucky to be able to grow Camelias.....I have rabbits in my garden and they love Camelias......