Friday, February 11, 2011

Snowdrop Suprise

These Snowdrops were growing under the front room window on the grass. They are such innocent, happy flowers that brighten up the winter garden.
They seem to have naturalised across the grass from the neighbours garden.
I spent yesterday digging at the allotment. I am trying to clear away the winter weeds. I want to buy some Onion, and some Seed Potato's.
It was raining lots today so we went shopping and then I was domesticated. I made some Red Pepper and Sweet Potato soup, and some Scones afterwards.
I'm hopeful my Crocus will flower soon. The Daffodils, Narcissus, and Tulips are a month away from blooming. I have been making grand plans for the garden.
I need to work this weekend, so there will be no digging until Monday. The Snowdrops have cheered me up, with their suprise appearance. When I walked to the allotment I go past a lot of gardens that were bursting with Snowdrops.Its nice to have some near the front door.


Cheryl said...

Snowdrops are like a breath of fresh air.
I have many blooms in my garden.....too early and a little worrying.
Temperatures are very mild for February.....

Elena said...

I love snowdrops. If I can I want a bouquet of snowdrop to my wedding.